A safe space for all.


Groundwork Yoga + Wellness was founded in January 2015 by Megan Dattoli. For three and a half years, she provided a welcoming space to practice yoga for the Belmont community. In August of 2018, she sold the studio to Kristin O’Donnell. Kristin has maintained the community that Megan created and hopes to expand on that moving forward. Our community of students is the most important to us. We are always adding new classes and workshops for the students. We love to hear what you want to see on our schedule so feel free to contact us to let us know.

It is the Mission of Groundwork Yoga + Wellness to provide a safe space to learn and practice yoga and mindfulness. Our kind and knowledgeable teachers will help guide students of all ages through different types of yoga. In classes and workshops, we strive to offer education about self-care, healthy living and a holistic lifestyle.

Yoga can be a healer in many ways. By providing a safe space to experience the world of yoga, we hope to facilitate people in healing and growing into their true selves. Yoga can often provide a gateway for people to start to question their mind and therefore allow for personal growth. Our goal is to help facilitate this growth for every student. Each person has a different journey and we are here to assist each student in any way we can.

All classes provide tokens for students to choose whether or not they would like hands-on assists from the teacher. Students can move the token from Y(yes) to N(no) to display for the teacher their preference in each moment of class. We do not use incense, essential oils, or other scents in any of our classes unless specifically mentioned in the class title and description. Our teachers are available to students to answer questions and give advice as needed. We are here to help and hope you will feel comfortable in using us as a resource.