All Levels Yoga Flow

Thoughtfully sequenced and appropriately paced flows of postures (asanas) and movement with strong emphasis on proper alignment, breath, personal awareness and individual attention. Each session begins with relaxation using breath and gradual movement to bring focus and self-awareness to the practice and to help set intentions individually and as a unified group. Classes are an athletic, invigorating and challenging physical experience, with the beneficial outcome of calming the mind and relieving stress. Modifications and variations of the postures are offered so that beginners and intermediate students can flow together. (Knowing the basics of yoga is helpful, but not essential.)


Baby & Me Yoga (ages 6 weeks to new crawlers) - MONTHLY

This class combines yoga-inspired movements for baby and postpartum-appropriate yoga for mom/caregiver. Nurture and strengthen your body and mind while connecting with your baby.

Babies will participate while on their tummies, backs or held in loving arms. Movements are combined with songs and rhymes to engage baby and help them learn. Class includes calming and nurturing ways to enhance bonding and improve baby's sleep.

Stretch and strengthen your bodies in yoga postures that are safe and appropriate for the postpartum body, practice breath work and guided relaxation to relieve tension and stress, and allow time for group discussion about your experiences as new mothers. No yoga experience is required.


Core Alignment

This 60 minute class will focus on building up core strength through a gentle flow and alignment based asana. Great for anyone looking to strengthen the core and bring more stability into their body. Postnatal students welcome as long as they are at least 6 weeks postpartum. All levels welcome.


Family Yoga (kids ages 5-10) - MONTHLY

Our family yoga classes offer children and caregivers an opportunity to strengthen family connections while having fun and being active. Family classes include individual and partner work with basic poses, breathing exercises, games and relaxation. Caregivers can attend with 1-2 children ages 5-10. Adult class prices apply. Kids are free! Simply sign up with your adult class pass/membership, or purchase an adult "drop-in" class. Waiver for child is required upon check in.


Gentle Hatha Yoga

This class is great for anyone seeking a gentle approach to yoga regardless of experience, age, or weight – and is an excellent option for beginners. Classes will begin with a centering pranayama (breath work) to relax the senses and soothe the mind. Our asana practice (physical postures) will focus on gentle stretching and proper alignment for basic postures with modifications and props used as needed. We will slowly build in strength and balance, and enjoy an extended restorative savasana.


Grounded Flow

Grounded Flow combines a hatha practice, slow vinyasa flow and pranayama (breath) exercises with a focus on foundation and moving intelligently. Our movements will be deliberate with a focus on the breath to cultivate a practice of meditation with motion. 5-10 minutes will be dedicated to breath-work to balance energy and calm the mind. We will use the physical postures (asanas) to increase flexibility, build strength and set up a solid, grounded foundation for your body and for your mind. Each class will include a 5-10 minute supported savasana to help you leave feeling grounded and renewed.

Hatha Yoga (all levels)

This class uses postures (asanas) in combination with breath to develop strength, flexibility and calmness. Postures are held slightly longer with a focus on proper alignment, with sequencing that will leave each student feeling open and balanced. We will explore a variety of standing and supine postures, and all are encouraged to work within their own abilities in this all-levels class (beginners welcome!). Time will be given to a short meditation at either the beginning or end of class each week.


Morning Alignment

Morning Alignment is a yoga class with the emphasis on linking body, mind, and breath. Class will begin with pranayama (breathing exercises), followed by a mixed posture sequence of vinyasa flow and holding postures. Class will end with a meditation and savasana. With the chaos and hectic schedule we all face, let Morning Alignment be a helping hand in starting your day centered and energized. The purpose of Morning Alignment is to relieve the chaos and stress of our busy lives, leaving us energized and receptive to the possibilities of the day.

Prenatal Yoga

Relax your mind, strengthen your body, and prepare for birth. A regular prenatal yoga practice can alleviate many of the physical discomforts of pregnancy, as well as anxiety and stress. Prenatal yoga classes provide an opportunity to connect with your baby and your community, while developing the balance, stamina, and confidence you’ll need during birth and motherhood. Prenatal classes are open to women who are pregnant, planning to be pregnant, or returning to practice after giving birth.

Restorative Yoga

Make time for self care. This all-levels class is designed to calm the mind and release tension in the body. We begin with a few minutes of gentle movement to warm up the body before settling into restorative postures. With the use of props, we hold the postures to passively open and stretch the body. The instructor offers hands-on assists, guided relaxation, and breath work throughout the class. This gentle practice will relieve stress and pain in the body so that you feel relaxed, calm, and balanced. Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils incorporates essential oils in order to aid in releasing tension in the body.

Slow Flow

Our Slow Flow class begins with a slower-paced vinyasa practice, moving with attention to the breath and alignment to calm the mind and open up the body. We will restore flexibility, build strength, and then settle into stillness with restorative and yin postures to melt away tension and stress, leaving you feeling recharged and renewed. This class is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.

Toddler Family Yoga - MONTHLY

Our family yoga classes offer children and caregivers an opportunity to strengthen family connections while having fun and being active. Each family class includes individual and partner work with basic yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation. We will also include a song, story and/or activity that ties in with the theme of the class.

Caregivers can attend with 1-2 children, ages walking - 5. Adult class prices apply. Kids are free! Simply sign up with your adult class pass/membership, or purchase an adult "drop-in" class. Waiver for child is required upon check in.

Yin Yoga

Discover new limits of mental and physical stamina with a Yin yoga class. Yin yoga is a down-tempo meditative practice where postures are held for 3-8 minutes to target the connective tissues in the body in order to improve joint mobility, fascia flexibility, and circulation. This class is the perfect compliment to any strength building or cardio exercise, athletics, or vinyasa yoga. The postures are mostly floor postures, but this is not a restorative practice - this is a physically challenging practice and may not be suitable for beginner students or students recovering from a recent joint injury. Yin yoga nourishes the body at a cellular level and aids in digestion, muscle recovery, organ detoxification, and emotional processing and can be especially effective in the early morning when the muscles are cool. Find strength in stillness in this Yin yoga class.