Kristin began to practice yoga and meditation to alleviate stress from her previous job as an Office Manager. The difference they made in her everyday life was so profound that she knew they needed to be added to her routine. Her new practice opened her up to join an online class with Lisa Rankin and Martha Beck. Only a few months later, Kristin attended Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training. She enjoyed the training but felt that she was still missing something on this new path. It became clear that pursuing yoga in depth was the next step. She completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Carrie Tyler at Barre & Soul Harvard Square. She is now using her yoga and life coach skills to help people in need. Kristin purchased Groundwork Yoga and Wellness in August 2018. She hopes to provide a safe space for people of all ages to learn about yoga and mindfulness.

Kristin is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor. She is also certified as a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher with the Trauma Center of Brookline, MA. She has taken several children’s yoga trainings with ChildLight Yoga in Dover, NH. She is currently working toward completing her 95-hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification. Kristin is looking forward to continuing her journey teaching yoga to children and adults.

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Tessalina is fortunate to have been exposed to yoga at a very young age: as a young child she copied her mother while she was in her poses and years later, when she was in middle school, her mother handed her a book that solidified her interest in yoga. Seeing and feeling the benefits of a long-term practice, she wishes to pass on what she has learned. Her hope for her students is that they feel the rewards of yoga, in and out of class.

Aside from being a yoga teacher, she is also a photographer and has worked in higher education for almost a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Mass Media and a German Language Studies Certificate. She loves to ride her bicycle to work everyday, ski in the winter, and delve into various crafts and DIY projects.

She earned her 200-hr YTT with the Boston Yoga School under the tutelage of Ame Wren, Brenna Matthews, and Ben Chused. She is interested in how the practice affects mental health, she is fascinated with the history and lineage of yogic philosophy, and wishes to learn more about anatomy and how the practice feels for different bodies.

Be well.



Nicole found yoga as an awkward, non-athletic teenager looking for a type of physical fitness that felt right in her larger body. Yoga offered her a physical practice that felt gentle enough to be attainable but difficult enough to be a workout. After doing yoga as a form of exercise on and off for years, Nicole finally came to a regular yoga practice several years ago, this time as a stressed adult looking for not just physical fitness but also for comfort and ease in the body and peace in the mind. Nicole loves sharing her passion for yoga with everybody and every body, striving to make her classes accessible for all students, from babies to seniors, from the physically fit to those with injuries, and everyone in between!

Nicole graduated with her 200-hour teaching training from the New School of Yogic Arts in 2019, having studied at Coolidge Yoga Brookline under Tatyana Souza and Laura Ahrens. Prior to teaching adult yoga, Nicole completed her Children's Yoga Teacher training at ChildLight Yoga in Dover, NH. She is certified in Yoga & Mindfulness for Children, with additional certification in Baby & Toddler Yoga. Nicole is also certified as a Creative Relaxation Instructor (Yoga for Children and Adults with Special Needs), having completed her training under creator Louise Goldberg. In addition to teaching children's yoga, Nicole is a Drums Alive coach and a children's librarian.



Sarah believes that the practice of yoga inspires inner wisdom and healing. She has spent years studying the mind-body connection and her classes call from multiple modalities to assist her students in cultivating inner peace. She is an educator and has taught mindfulness in diverse settings as a School Psychologist. Sarah feels called to support her students integrating physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual elements of human experience. Her approach to teaching yoga is gentle, and she strives to create a safe and inclusive space as well as employ trauma-sensitive practices. Sarah is also a Reiki Practitioner and is skilled at hands-on assists.

Sarah attained her 200-hour yoga teaching certification under the guidance of Daniel Max and Magi Pierce through JP Centre Yoga in 2015. Sarah has also completed Yin Yoga training with Joe Barnett (senior student of Paul Greeley), as well as Restorative Yoga training with Alex Bauermeister and Brenna Matthews. Sarah is currently in training to become a Body Project facilitator. She is grateful for her many teachers and mentors along her path.

Sarah has lived in Boston for over 10 years but loves the respite of nature. Her hobbies include hand-lettering and crafting, as well as making meals and music with her husband.



Nina took her first hot yoga class late in 2009. The teacher said to “thank your body” while in savasana. From that moment, she was hooked. Her goal is to incorporate yoga and/or meditation into her daily life. She even has “date yoga” sessions with her husband. Her yoga practice has evolved from being viewed as a workout to becoming a connection between body, mind, and spirit. She loves taking what she’s learned on the mat out into the world. She strongly believes that having gratitude creates happiness within oneself.

Nina went through Hands On Assisting in January 2015 and Prana Power Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) in 2018. She is also Reiki II Certified. She loves to use imagery during class to help her students release stress and tension. She believes that the breath is the most powerful tool a person can use.

Her classes focus on providing proper safe alignment, yet allowing the student to follow their own intuition. She meets students where they are in their practice, while encouraging mindfulness in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. She admires those that take the time for themselves.

Nina’s passions include baking, strength training, paddle boarding and spending time with her husband, son and dog.



Ashley is a passionate yoga instructor and forever-student. She received her 200-hour training at South Boston Yoga in 2015 and has since been combining her love for yoga and nature by teaching gentle vinyasa style classes at Clark Farm in Carlisle, MA- near her hometown. Ashley fell in love with yoga during her college years and since then, her practice has been ever evolving.

Yoga for Ashley is an outlet for unwinding and sorting out the entirety of her being. She has learned a plethora of lessons from the practice on and off the mat and feels as though yoga like everything in this life is a continuous practice and one you have to keep working on. Ashley practices daily gratitude and her mission is to guide others to abundant health and happiness as her yoga practice has guided her. The practicing never ends, as the learning never stops.

Ashley teaches vinyasa based classes that are designed for all ages and skill levels. Her teaching style is gentle yet playful. She provides precise cueing to give you multiple variations of each pose in order for you to make it your own personal practice and take it to wherever you need it to be.

Ashley’s passions outside of her yoga mat include loving animals, gardening, soaking in sunshine, growing, dreaming, teaching, learning, being, feeling, exploring, traveling, and loving. Ashley also is an ABA Therapist at a school for children with autism. She is enjoying and learning a lot as this chapter unfolds.




Kerin discovered yoga in 2006 at her local gym, but it was only after her first heated vinyasa class in 2008 that she became hooked. The combination between focus, strength, and stillness has kept her coming back to her mat. In 2012, Kerin started taking yoga more seriously, developing a daily and at home practice. With a little encouragement from her friends, Kerin made the leap and pursued the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, becoming a Registered Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance in 2012. Since then Kerin has continued to practice, study, and teach yoga.

Kerin is currently following her passion for women’s health and wellness. This year, she became a certified prenatal yoga instructor through 5 Points Yoga, studying under Barrett Reinhorn. She recently started her own venture, SupportHer Doula and Wellness Services, where she works as a birth doula and is a level II reiki practitioner. She focuses on providing judgement-free support to women throughout their pregnancy and birth. Kerin leverages her knowledge of childbirth to teach a thoughtful and impactful prenatal yoga class to the women in her community.



Cindy began practicing yoga while living on Cape Cod in the cold of winter. With a limited experience of yoga beforehand, she saw a glimpse of the richness of the practice and couldn’t stay away. She graduated with a 200-hour certification from the New School of Yogic Arts in Brookline, MA in early 2019. She believes the mat can be a mirror: that the physical postures of yoga can help us learn more about ourselves. Cindy’s classes weave together thoughtful, playful sequences and yogic philosophy, so students of all levels can grow their understanding and love of the practice. Her mission is to powerfully share the fullness of yoga to reconnect all people to their bodies, a sense of wonder, and each other.



Janna felt the transformative power of yoga after one pose. Plagued with sickness and low confidence, Janna took a free postnatal yoga class and within 5 minutes of being in legs up the wall, Janna’s body and mind felt a calm that had been missing for years. The more she practiced, the more Janna saw positive changes happen in her life off the mat. Anxiety disappeared, digestive ailments lessened, and courage grew. The small town girl from Maine was even able to conquer her fear of driving in Boston!

Wanting nothing more than to pass along the benefits of yoga to her family and community, Janna completed her 200-hour teacher training with Liz Owen and Daniel Orlansky in 2017. An eternal student of yoga, Janna has since completed Find Your Voice: Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers with Nicole Siegel and Allison Jones and YogastroloyⓇ Initiation with Allison Jones of Wonder Yoga in Arlington. Janna draws on many styles of yoga in her teaching to better help students connect with themselves, their community, and their environment, all with the foundational motto of, “come as you are, bring it to the mat, and leave elevated”.

When Janna is not teaching, practicing, or studying yoga, she can be found cooking and baking, collecting sea glass at the beach, watching classic movies, and enjoying life with her husband and two daughters.