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Just Exhale + Relax: Making Peace with Stress

An Experiential Workshop with Lucie Kasova, E-RYT
Have you heard about the benefits of yogic breathing and wondered what the practice is about? Are you coping with stress overload? Wanting greater ease and health? Join me for this experiential workshop and learn yogic breathing (Pranayama) and its benefits for stress management. Pranayama is the yogic path to skillful stress management, self-regulation of the nervous system, and development of equanimity and authenticity. A little-known fact often not taught in group classes: In the yogic tradition, the breath is the primary tool for regulating the nervous system, thinking, emotions and life energy.

Through supportive practice sessions that include explanation, demonstration, and group practice, you'll learn a variety of breathing techniques that can be used to enhance and expand your yoga practice. You will gain basic understanding of the techniques, appreciation for benefits and limitations, and practical suggestions on how to incorporate what you learn into daily life. We will end the workshop with deep, progressive relaxation practice known as Yoga Nidra.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn yogic breathing to help:
• reduce stress and anxiety
• increase vitality and well-being
• address chronic tension, pain, limitations
• soothe the nervous system and reduce insomnia
• develop sustainable and holistic self-care

Come experience the power of Pranayama and Yoga Nidra to balance body and mind, boost the immune system and turn on the relaxation response.

Appropriate for everyone, whatever your fitness level, flexibility or age. This workshop can be of special interest for teachers, social workers and therapists interested in incorporating breathwork into their practice as well as in their work with students and clients. No previous experience necessary.

$35 before November 2nd.  $40 at the door. Register here.