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Conscious Breathwork Meditation

with Sal and Kyle


Join Sal and Kyle from for an evening of community connection. This workshop teaches a circular breathing pattern which promotes spiritual transformation and exploration of the mind, enabling you to discover your power that lies within. No experience necessary. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

COST: $25

"I didn’t know what to expect for my first session of Conscious Breathwork. I was intrigued but also a little nervous. Sal has a very calming and inviting presence and she immediately made me feel comfortable. She provided nurturing guidance and assists. I felt completely supported in this unknown practice. I felt sensations that I’ve never felt in my body before and it was incredible. I felt that my body truly was releasing all that I had been holding on to. The session was about an hour but I felt as though I could have stayed doing it for much longer. I felt relaxed and a bit drained after the session but couldn’t help from wanting more. I would highly recommend giving Conscious Breathwork a try. It sounds so simple but the experience was much more powerful than I had thought." - Kristin O'Donnell, Owner of Groundwork Yoga + Wellness